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Babolat Pro Xtreme 17 Reel India - Pack of Two

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  • Rs 24,000
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  • Rs 11,550
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  • 12450 (52%)
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Babolat Pro Xtreme 17 Reel India - Pack of Two
Babolat Pro Xtreme 17 Reel India - Pack of Two Babolat Pro Xtreme 17 Reel India - Pack of Two

Babolat Pro Xtreme 17 Reel India

Babolat Pro Xtreme 17 Reel India is the perfect string for players with long, fast strokes. Babolat Pro Xtreme 1617Reel India offers tremendous bite, allowing the player to bring the ball down inside the lines with AMAZING precision. It's also very durable. This string's control on full swings is exceptional. Babolat Pro Xtreme 16 Reel India will allow big hitters to confidently attack the ball without fear of overhitting. Babolat Pro Xtreme 17 Reel India also has a nice "snapback", which multiplies the player's efforts with heavy topspin that explodes off the court.
Gauge: 17
Length: 200m
Construction: Co-polyester
Colours: Black, Grey


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Placed the order for the "Babolat Pure Drive Roddick 2012" after a detailed consultation with itennis. They took time out to help me narrow down and identify based on certain important factors. I have played with this everyday for the past week and it most certainly fits my need for having the best balance of power, control and spin. The price was a cool grand (Rs 1000) cheaper than the retail outlets. Kudos to itennis for opening this portal :)

Dennis George

The guys at iTennis are very professional. They assisted me in providing info that other online shops had no clue about. If you have not finalized a racquet, the best thing you could do is to have a chat with them and you will end up with the perfect one for you. Shipping was quick and secure too. Overall impression: Can't wait to shop again here.

Abez Sharon