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iTennis Coated Natural Gut 16 String
  • MRP :
  • Rs 1,100
iTennis Coated Natural Gut 16 String
iTennis Coated Natural Gut features Coated Technology - a special process of coating the Natural Gut for a clear and durable natural gut. Benefits include increased comfort and liveliness, improved humidity resistance and excellent durability
iTennis Coated Natural is designed for players seeking excellent resilience and ball control in a durable natural gut. 
This Natural gut is available in half set for easy hybriding.
Gauge: 16 (1.30mm)
Length: 21 feet (6.4m)
Composition: Natural Gut (beef gut)
Available Colors: Natural
Tennis Elbow and Natural Guts
The best string if you have tennis elbow is natural gut . Natural gut is the most comfortable, the least stiff, the absolutely best string for anybody suffering from arm pain. If you can’t afford a full bed of natural gut, consider a hybrid of natural gut and synthetic string. The natural gut in the crosses will contribute most of the feel and softness and arm friendliness of the gut, while the synthetic in the mains sharply decreases the overall cost of the string bed.  If this hybrid stuff confuses you, just remember this: natural is good.  The more natural, the better. Click here to Design your Hybrid
Important  Do's and Dont's for Natural Guts:
1) Please keep the string clean at all times. Use a clean cotton swap and clean the string of all dirt and debris. 
2) Do not expose the string to water or moisture.
3) Store it in a good quality bag when the racquet is not being used.
4) Please play with relatively new balls since bad balls will damage the natural gut
5) Treat the string carefully and it will provide with many hours of amazing play


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