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Lobster Elite V Ball Machine

  • MRP :
  • Rs 280,000
  • Price :
  • Rs 266,000
  • You Save :
  • 14000 (5%)
Lobster Elite V Ball Machine
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The most sophisticated ball machine offered by Lobster. The Elite Grand V LE features 12 pre-programmed court drills aimed at simulating the most popular styles of play - grinder, all courter, power baseliner, moonballer, slicer, lefty, approach, attack/defend, forehand plus, beginner, intermediate, and advanced. The drills mix up the speed, trajectory and spin. The Grand Slam Elite V also offers full programmability which lets the player program from 18 shot locations and control speed, spin, and feed rate on every shot. Can hold up to 6 custom drills, that repeats through a 6 shot cycle. Comes equipped with a state of the art LCD control panel. New 3-line feature enables a player to choose between 3 random feed depths or set at baseline, mid-court, or short court depths. 
New Features:
Programmable Feed - As you know, the LE allows the user to program the speed, the spin, and the location of EACH shot within a 6 shot drill. Now, the users may choose to vary the feed rate from shot to shot. Ball one can be programmed at 3 seconds, ball two at 2 seconds, and ball three at 4 seconds, etc...
9 Pre-Programmed Drills
  • 3 Exercise drill levels : Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced - Each sequence feeds 6 balls before pausing to simulate a long point.
  • Approach : This drill throws balls with various spins and arcs aimed for the player to approach into the court after playing an aggressive ball.
  • Attack/Defend : This drill throws balls using greater ball speed and minimal spin making the player move in and out of the courners and across the baseline quickly.
  • Forehand Plus : This drill throws balls with moderate topspin and more arc giving the player more time to set up for a forehand shot.
  • Moonballer : This feature allows you to practice those pesky moonball shots that require patience and a good midcourt swinging volley to move forward and finsih the point!
  • Slicer : This features allows you to practice against those hard to return low ball shots you get from "slicers and dicers."
  • Lefty : This feature is designed to simulate what a lefty might throw at you! Become more prepared for those strong forehands, groundstokes, and backhand volleys.
*Comes standard with a 1-amp Fast Charger AND 20 function remote control.
  • Oscillation : Random horizontal, random vertical and random horizontal & vertical
  • 3-line feature : Narrow, Medium, and Wide
  • Speed : 30-80 mph
  • Ball capacity : 150
  • Feed rate : 2-12 sec.
  • Power : Battery
  • Battery Life : 4-8 hrs.
  • Elevation : Electronic 0-50 deg.
  • Weight : 44 lbs.
  • Spin : Topspin, backspin
Additional options to consider: Premium Fast charger for quicker battery charge.


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Placed the order for the "Babolat Pure Drive Roddick 2012" after a detailed consultation with itennis. They took time out to help me narrow down and identify based on certain important factors. I have played with this everyday for the past week and it most certainly fits my need for having the best balance of power, control and spin. The price was a cool grand (Rs 1000) cheaper than the retail outlets. Kudos to itennis for opening this portal :)

Dennis George

I have been looking for a website like this for a very long time. The whole experience of buying was smooth and the delivery was on time and without any glitches. What I found comforting in itennis is the online help, I felt much more in control getting answers instantly to my questions and concerns. Great Job Guys!

Navin Raghupathy