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Lobster Elite II Ball Machine

  • MRP :
  • Rs 165,500
Lobster Elite II Ball Machine
Lobster Elite II Ball Machine Lobster Elite II Ball Machine
Designed for maximum durability, the battery-operated Elite One offers an unparalleled 4-8 hours of court time. Its ergonomic design allows for easy transport with a full hopper. The Elite's 80 mph ground strokes, full corner-to-corner random oscillation, sky-high lobs, and heavy spin will take your game to new levels.  This machine also provides triple oscillation. While almost all machines sweep randomly left to right, this model oscillates vertically, giving you short and deep shots in a random pattern. 
Want more? Simulate match play by combining both vertical and horizontal oscillation functions to throw balls throughout the entire court left, right, short and deep. Imagine a machine that will challenge all of your strokes, not just your forehand and backhand. Comes with a two year warranty.
For continuous play without the need to recharge, purchase the Lobster Premium Fast Charger . The fast charger allows the machine to operate while charging so your play time will not be interrupted by a depleated battery. This optional feature can be used on any of the Elite Series models and can be purchased at anytime.
  • Oscillation : Random horizontal, random vertical and random horizontal & vertical
  • Speed : 10-80 mph
  • Ball capacity : 150
  • Feed rate : 2-10 sec.
  • Power : Battery
  • Battery Life : 4-8 hrs.
  • Elevation : Electronic 0-50 deg.
  • Weight : 44 lbs.
  • Spin : Topspin, backspin


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iTennis was extremely helpful in talking to me at length, understanding my needs and recommending a racket and the string - I never knew there could be so many options. The website is also useful for narrowing the needs before the telephone discussion. The racket itself arrived well packaged and on-time.

Parimal Bajpai

The guys at iTennis are very professional. They assisted me in providing info that other online shops had no clue about. If you have not finalized a racquet, the best thing you could do is to have a chat with them and you will end up with the perfect one for you. Shipping was quick and secure too. Overall impression: Can't wait to shop again here.

Abez Sharon