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Tennis Past 50 - Books on Tennis India
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Tennis Past 50 - Books on Tennis India

Tennis Past 50 - Books on Tennis India

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Tennis is indeed a true lifetime sport—just ask any tennis player over 50! However, as you get older you may need to adjust your stroke technique and strategy to stay on top of your game.
Tennis Past 50 - Books on Tennis India is the only book to address mature players’ specific needs with proven strategies that adjust stroke technique, positioning, injuries, and equipment. Tennis Past 50 - Books on Tennis India shows you how to 
  • modify your stroke to gain more power without sacrificing control;
  • play smarter with adjustments to position on the court and style of play;
  • improve your doubles and mixed doubles game;
  • choose the right equipment for your style of play, ability, and fitness level;
  • eat right for better performance on the court; and
  • avoid injury and improve your conditioning for better performance.
  • Tennis Past 50 - Books on Tennis India shares the winning insights and tips that the authors have learned from decades of coaching and playing. Tony Trabert was ranked No. 1 in the world in the 1950s and is a popular TV commentator, and Ron Witchey is a well-known biomechanist with a specialization in aging and tennis. 
Trabert and Witchey teach how to play smarter, so you can be successful without trying to run down every ball, learn how to use spin and adapt traditional shots to your advantage, and handle different playing styles of your opponents.
Tennis Past 50 - Books on Tennis India will provide winning instruction that will have you playing better than ever. This book will improve the game of any mature player—male or female, competitive or recreational. 
Chapter 1. Playing Smarter, Not Harder
Chapter 2. Upgrading Your Equipment
Chapter 3. Hitting Your Best Strokes
Chapter 4. Assessing Your Fitness and Your Game
Chapter 5. Conditioning for a Stronger Game
Chapter 6. Eating for Competition
Chapter 7. Winning Strategies for Different Opponents
Chapter 8. Improving Your Doubles Play

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