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How do we pack your racquet for shipping


Quality Check
Once we receive your order your racquet is subjected to a complete Quality Inspection. The grommets are checked for any problems. The racquet is thoroughly inspected for any cracks or damages caused during shipping from the Distributor
Custom Stringing
The racquet is strung meticulously by our Stringer who is a competent Professional Stringer certified by the USRSA (United States Racquet Stringers Association). The racquet is strung on a Gamma ELS 5800 Electronic Stringing Machine which is calibrated periodically so you receive the racquet with the right tension you had ordered.
High Quality Packaging
The racquet is first wrapped in Bubble Wrap and then placed inside a Custom 5ply, Corrugated Cardboard Box. The Box is then Taped and Labeled and shipped out to you so that your racquet reaches you in the safest possible manner.
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